UniFi Sucks

I guess that I am not alone in thinking that UniFi sucks. According to TheStar, consumers had their bubbles burst when the packages were announced. However, the article got some of the facts wrong.

In Singapore, a 1Gbps (gigabit per second) service – which is five times the speed of a 20Mbps connection – only costs about RM200.

A 1Gbps service is not five times the speed of a 20Mbps connection, it is fifty times the speed at a similar price point. To say that our broad-band services are expensive is just laughable. It is sad that our national monopoly cannot get its act together to give our citizens what they need. If it is about buying aggregated bandwidth from the international hubs, we have 10 times the number of citizens in this country compared to Singapore. Our bandwidth consumption should be 10 times more than Singapore. So, that excuse just does not fly.

Telekom Malaysia CEO Datuk Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said at a press conference to announce the UniFi pricing yesterday that the measures were part of its Fair Usage Policy. This policy is a standard industry practice to ensure that all subscribers get to enjoy the same web surfing quality.

While I agree that fair-usage policies need to be implemented, it is unfair to cap the bandwidth at such a low value. The caps are hardly enough for a single user, much less a house-hold. However, they have no caps for business users and the business packages are only slightly more expensive than the home packages. So, I would recommend that consumers subscribe to the business packages instead of the home packages, if that was possible.

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10 thoughts on “UniFi Sucks”

  1. my office use 10MB Business package. reality speaking, streaming HD Videos from Youtube still jerky. Use IDM with speed of 900kbps.

    Speedtest revealed during business time, d/l speed just gimme 3 MB while u/l 1.6 MB. dude, it cost our company RM500+ /month. Is it worth it? Yes, if you use it after 7pm…after office hours.

    Demn TM. Early birds are always lab rats. Long live beruk band.

    Loc: SS25, Shah Alam

  2. unifi is really a bullshit…u f**king tm always want f**king caps at such low value and asking for such higher price and the f**king hypp tv is f**king useless for f**k sake….now majority of houses already have astro which can also watch local channal why the f**k wanna add in hypp tv??? for f**k?? why not focus more on the f**king speed and consistency of the ISP..and the unifi router is f**king useless..a seriously piece of f**king useless f**k…the wireless signal is so low that even my balls can do better…seriousl tm unifi WAKE THE F**K UP!!!! STOP BEING A F**KING USELESS F**KS AND IMPROVE ON THE F**KING INTERNET SPEEDS NOT GIVING USELESS F**KING EXECUSES…AND F**K THE CAPPING GO F**K YOURSELF!!! for f**k sake u f**king top shot of tm unifi f**king wikipedia unifi and see for your f**king face how bad unifi complain was…for f**k sakes it not only represents unifi but also it effects the f**king image of malaysia…f**king see this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UniFi u f**king tm top f**kers open ur f**king eyes…f**king off

    Site Owner: Please try to be civil and reduce the use of expletives.

  3. UNIFI = BULLSHIT. F**k Unifi . Upgraded to unifi and expected better and smoother lines..
    it f**king took me 30 seconds to load google.. how cool is tht ? 30 F**KING SECONDS. F**K OFF UNIFI…

    1. Holy cow. Maybe there was a bad installation or some other problem. Instead of cursing, try contacting them to fix it. After all, you’ve paid for it.

    1. My experience is that if you keep calling and bugging them, they try to sort things out. That said, it’s still very frustrating for the user to have to keep bugging them and calling them.

  4. look at the hypptv guys,why cant they have the same channel like astro except for the astro in house produced channel? is there any restrictions that 2 different dth operators cannot have the same channel for e.g astro has hbo and star movies why hypptv cannot have it?? astro have been too powerful even TM not dare to compete face to face..no wonder investors take their money because there is no fair competition and laws are govern by monopolistic companies.

    1. Quite normal for broadcasters to sign exclusive deals. That said, I don’t have Astro at home and I don’t watch HyppTV. With Unifi, you can stream everything from the Internet!

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