Political Numbness

You know what, I did not realise that anything untoward was happening within our opposition coalition. In fact, even after everyone started making a big fuss about MPs quitting and aligning themselves with the ruling coalition, I still did not feel like anything special was happening. Then it dawned on me – I have become politically numb with all the random sandiwara that happens and am no longer able to respond as expected towards political news.

On one side, people are painting the picture of a crumbling opposition coalition – fraying at the edges after being attacked for so long by so many people. However, I see the very same thing happening with our ruling coalition as well, also fraying at its edges after being worn for so long by so many people. So to me, crumbling political coalitions seem to be the norm in Malaysia.

On the other side, people are screaming like victims – victims of their own devices. They sowed the seeds of political expediency and are now reaping the harvest. I have often harped that our people do not have much of a choice when it comes to electing their representatives. That is why I have been trying to drum into people’s heads that there are four possible outcomes on a ballot sheet with two boxes.

Personally, I see these games as all part of a war of attrition, that all sides will lose in the end.

On a more exciting note, I had to fill up my personal evaluation form today. It was fun filling it up because I got to rate my own performance, which was naturally exemplary. However, I found it vexing that I could not rate my boss. I believe that performance evaluations should go both ways. Otherwise, the bosses would never know if they were a good boss because the people under them have no voice. Any honest evaluation, that is.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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