Creepy Caprica

Okay, I will say this. While Battlestar Galactica was a dreary, dark and damning examination of our times, its prequel – Caprica – is consciously and consistently creepy. They have started screening it recently and I have had the fortune of catching some of the early episodes. Let’s just say that I am totally looking forward to buying the blu-ray set when it comes out in the future. The acting is much better than that on Galactica and the story is creepy. Even the opening title is creepy. Creepy.

Alright, I won’t give too much away but I think that the makers of Caprica will score another big hit with this one. It is not just the story writing but even the way that the scenes are framed just gives me the chills. I am sure that as the series unfolds, they will find even more ways to creep me out. And don’t even get me started on the music. It makes copious use of the traditional drumbeats that we had on Galactica, but in a far creepier way. I think that it is trying to tell us that the beautiful life on the 12 colonies is coming to a tragic end.

This already ensures that I will be looking forward to new episodes whenever chance presents itself. I’ve been really busy recently.

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