Bi-lal Kaifa

I have finally finished reading Dune by Frank Herbert. This is not my first exposure to the Dune universe though. I have played the PC games based on the universe in the early 90s and watch both the movie and the mini-series. Needless to say, none of that prepared me for the mind-fuck that was the novel. The novel is just so rich that it is easy to understand how it is generally considered the mother of all science fiction.

Personally, I think that it should be made required reading for all would-be politicians. There are so many plots within plots that I lost track of the political intrigue at certain times. It should also be made required reading for all would-be people managers as it has so many useful anecdotes on how to lead people instead of commanding them. It will even please the eco-mentalists with its strong sustainable environment message or how to truly screw up a world.

I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the original series. Rumours are that there is a Hollywood film in the making as well. Here’s me hoping that Hollywood will not trash the originality of the story and the strength of the characters. Dune is really good.

Bi-lal kaifa!

Update@2009-01-04 I actually had a dream in a Dune setting last night. Brilliant!

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