Sepedas Cili

There’s a Malay saying that involves eating chillies and feeling the sting. I now read that the MACC has jumped the gun entirely by making police reports against the pathologist. I shall now quote the article which says that:

Two Malaysian Anti-Corrup tion Commission (MACC) officers have lodged police reports against PKR party organ Suara Keadilan and Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand over an article “confirming” that political aide Teoh Beng Hock had been murdered.

Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with the MACC. I assume that Dr Pornthip conducted her investigation professionally and came to her conclusions based on the evidence. I also assume that this is not her first time dealing with the courts and she knows what she can and cannot say with regards to legal process. Based on those two assumptions, which I think are fair, I would think that she would not risk her reputation on a whim.

The thing is that, the paper Suara Keadilan printed a story that claims to have obtained information from someone who has got first hand information about the findings of Dr Pornthip. I am not an expert but I would consider that a speculative article since it is predicting the results that she is going to announce next week. After reading about it, I merely became curious about the implications since it is an opposition paper and will actually wait for the official results to be announced before drawing my own conclusions.

While I think that the MACC officers are right to make a police report against the paper, I don’t really know how they could possibly make a report against the doctor except for the purpose of intimidation. They most certainly have the evidence that the paper wrote a speculative article but I am not sure how they could have evidence that the doctor leaked the results. Since she has already concluded her report and will be making it public next week, I would think that she would have had to hand over copies of her report to the relevant people by now so that everyone has fair notice on what she is going to say next week and also so that she can get paid. So, anyone who has obtained a copy of her report could have leaked its contents – the government, the grieving family, the hospital, the observing pathologists and possibly even the police.


Now, I wonder if this could be a case of some people consuming too much chili. Let us just hope that the monkeys running around do not turn this into a diplomatic incident.

PS: The doctor sure has style.

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