Meeting Friends

Today, I dropped by the engineering department and met an old friend of mine from Beijing. We reminisced on how fast time flies and then a hot Chinese girl walked past – he turned to address her while I didn’t even realise that she was there until he talked to her. Something is terribly wrong with my radar – must be the jet lag. We can still both remember turning up at Cambridge as bright-eyed fresh students but now we look like a couple of old men. We are both of the same age and were working in the same division. I took a walk about the entire engineering department today – looking to see if there was anyone else I would recognise. I went to the DPO, the EIETL and library (common places to find students) but did not meet anyone else I knew. That just goes to show how old I am.

Then, I met up with another friend of mine for lunch. It was nice catching up with close friends. Then, I did the last of my shopping at HMV and bought as much as I could carry with me. I do hope that my luggage is not over-weight. I will try to keep my hand-luggage empty so that I can move some stuff out if necessary. Anyway, I am of the opinion that long haul flights are terrible as they mess around with my body. I am hoping to stay up as long as possible tonight so that I am so tired out that I get knocked out and gain a good nights sleep. I sure hope that this plan works.

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