My first day of shopping here has been rather fortuitous. While I did not actually buy much, I did survey the prices of various items of interest and boy are they quite cheap. I will probably be getting a bunch of PS3 games for an average of about RM85 each. My only gripe on the PS3 games is that I cannot find a couple of solid titles like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid for new. I might end up getting them pre-owned instead.

As for Bluray movies, I will probably be stocking up on a bunch, averaging about RM36 per disk. However, this does present a slight dilemma. In certain cases, I already have a bunch of movies on DVD. So, I would have to choose whether to get them on Bluray or not. For example, I have Batman Begins on DVD but I can get The Dark Knight for really cheap here on Bluray. The same would go for the Spiderman trilogy – I already have the first two on DVD.

The only draw-back about the Bluray would be – that I can only play it on my PS3 and not my PC. However, seeing that HD will be the wave of the future, I don’t see why I should not start stocking up on Blurays – considering the fact that they only cost slightly more than the DVDs. I think that I would probably get some of the more recent special effects movies on Bluray – such as Star Trek. There is really no reason to get old-movies nor anime on them.

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