Malaysian PS3 Letdown

The new PS3 slim has been launched in Malaysia and I can say that the launch package is a big let-down. According to the Sony website, the launch package is priced at RM1399 and includes a free game, a second controller and a special t-shirt. While I can appreciate the free game, I cannot appreciate the second controller as most of the good PS3 titles are single-player titles anyway and I most certainly have no use for a free t-shirt. At RM1399, that is a whole US$100 more than what people are paying for in the states. In fact, it is the same price as in the UK but they have a better package deal.

Personally, I feel that this is a massive let-down by Sony Malaysia. The direct US$ pricing should only be RM1099. Charging an extra RM300 is a rip-off considering the fact that the states has sales taxes levied while we are free of taxes in Malaysia. In fact, the UK price includes a 17% VAT and is still cheaper than our Malaysian price. Boo! Rip-off! I just don’t understand why the price of consumer electronics products are so expensive in Malaysia, when compared to their prices overseas. The games are so expensive and the consoles are more expensive too. Now, I am seriously considering importing a unit in. The only risk would be on the warranty.

Alternatively, I should consider getting the older 80GB EU model, which has PS2 backwards-compatibility for the same price. That way, I would be able to play PS2 games on it as well. Just something to consider. Another alternative would be to investigate the bundles at one of the smaller game stores in KL that still bring in import units from Hong Kong. When I previously asked, they were bundling the 120Gb slim with two games. I already see the 250Gb version in their stores.

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