Ethics and Integrity

After lunch at work, all the members of our entire division were hustled into the auditorium for a talk on ethics and integrity. Regular readers of my blog would know that I have this issue with the belief that there is anything resembling an absolute moral code. Therefore, I had a few issues with some of the things that the speaker said but generally, it was okay. In fact, I did learn a few things about ethics and integrity from the talk.

Our official hours are between 8.30am and 5.30pm. The speaker gave the example of an employee who comes to work regularly at 8.45am and returns at 9.00pm with the argument that he is more productive later in the day. The speaker then asked us if this thing that he did was right or wrong. Personally, I think that the question is malformed. However, he told us that this is a wrong thing to do because the official hours are as stipulated. If someone does not like working for a company with fixed hours he could always opt to work for one with flexible hours instead.

Lesson 1: Do not work after hours even if you are more productive then.

Next is the acronym AIDA that stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. The speaker claimed that the talk that we had was just the first stage of change – awareness. All the points that he had raised and everything that we had discussed at the talk, was for creating awareness. We would need to raise interest, desire and translate things into action. I remarked to my colleagues that these were the exact rules for attraction. Make someone aware of our existence, raise some interest, desire and then act.

Lesson 2: Management principles apply just as readily to courtship.

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