Dying Together

Birds of a feather, die together.

That’s what I feel when I think about the fiasco that is the MCA EGM last weekend. Now that he has been defeated in a no-confidence vote, he should do the right thing and step down from his position. If he chooses to stay on to defend his ailing legacy, he would just end up being a lame-duck president and the laughing stock at meetings – just like Samy Vellu. The people have spoken and the leaders need to listen.

For the good of the party, he has to go. The party is bigger than any one president.

One positive lesson that I took away was that the ordinary members still cared about the party. An unprecedented 97% turnout of delegates is a potent show of force – that they can still get together on important matters. Unlike certain former presidents who decided to run off overseas and keep away from the fray, nothing seemed to keep the normal party members from turning up, even if they had to come in a wheel chair.

Well, lets just hope that he grows a pair and steps down. If he does not, there will be hell to pay for blatantly going against the results of the EGM. His political opponents will not back down unless and until he steps down. The biggest winners of the EGM were probably the VPs. They are probably now measuring the level of support for a possible bid at the top two positions of the party. They would be dumb not to.

PS: Personally, I never had a positive thing to say about the lamer president anyway.

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Shawn Tan

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