Ergonomic Keyboards

Last weekend, I decided to browse around for an ergonomic keyboard. I dropped by the Digital Mall, PJ right after attending the local network IET AGM. The exact model that I am using at the office, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, seemed to be the only mass-marketed ergonomic keyboard in the market. It was selling for around the RM200 price range at most retailers (cheapest I found was RM199).

What I did notice however, was that Microsoft seemed to be flooding the channels with their older model keyboards. Most of them were going for about 50% off their RRPs. Unfortunately for me, the ergonomic keyboard was not one of the models being flouted. So, I would either have to settle for an over-priced piece of plastic or find some other solution.

I feel that for most ergonomic keyboards, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. One should actually use one before deciding whether or not they are actually useful as ergonomic keyboards. Unfortunately for me again, the only model that I have used and come to love is actually a Microsoft product. However, I was hoping to find similar ones from other manufacturers.

I looked and looked but did not find many. The only other ergonomic keyboard available was the Logitech Wave series and another Microsoft series. Honestly, I found this rather sad. As someone who spends most of his time typing away at the keyboard, I have started to appreciate the use of ergonomic keyboards. I may actually end up shelling RM200 for the Microsoft one at some point.

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