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I will build a company dedicated to the objective of setting ideas freeI have always been a little wary of the whole idea of cloud services simply because it means different things to different people. However, I am starting to appreciate some interesting uses for a cloud. I have recently been listening to an icecast streaming service for music, at work. During one of the commercial breaks, it advertised a shout-casting service. Seems like some companies with excess bandwidth are selling them to casters to stream their music online.

To me, this opens the world of broadcasting to pretty much anyone. You can literally buy some bandwidth, shove some songs up to the servers in the cloud and have them take care of the global distribution of your music collection. There are just so many useful applications for this. Personally, I am beginning to think that it is now the age of the individual. Anyone and everyone can now do things that were once only the province of large mega-corporations We can reach any other individual on the planet and influence them with our ideas. Governments and major multi-nationals are still grappling with the control of such freedoms.

Maybe it is time to finish reading “Future of Ideas” by Lawrence Lessig. Never quite got round to finishing it. I still prefer printed books to pdfs. It is free for download, by the way.

In The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig explains how the Internet revolution has produced a counter-revolution of devastating power and effect. The explosion of innovation we have seen in the environment of the Internet was not conjured from some new, previously unimagined technological magic; instead, it came from an ideal as old as the nation. Creativity flourished there because the Internet protected an innovation commons. The Internet’s very design built a neutral platform upon which the widest range of creators could experiment. The legal architecture surrounding it protected this free space so that culture and information–the ideas of our era–could flow freely and inspire an unprecedented breadth of expression. But this structural design is changing–both legally and technically.

Control of information is the death of man. I think that this may just be a cause that I can dedicate myself to preventing. That is a curious spark that I will explore further in future posts.

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