DIY Projects

I have a long vacation coming up towards the end of the month – due to Eid. So, I was just wondering what to do with my time. I will be going for a holiday with my family for 2 nights but that still leaves an entire week for me to do as I please. Instead of bumming around all day, I may want to do something interesting.

  • Catch up on my reading. I have been roped into my friend’s book club. Well, I do like reading and I like supporting my friends in doing useful things. So, that is one possibility. I could spend a day or two finishing up the assigned book (or one of the other books on my ‘to-read’ shelf).
  • Build my car-pc. I found a couple of computers at home that accept 12VDC@3.6A power, which is something that can be supplied directly from a car battery. All that I would need is a converter that also protects against ignition over-voltage and I am done.
  • Design my super-hybrid processor. I have been planning on designing a new processor architecture that I have been working on secretly for a while now. It will be a hybrid heterogeneous computing angel. I may even have a useful application for it.
  • Organise my workspace. My workspace at home is in some serious need of re-organisation. I might need to buy some extra pieces of furniture to do that. Might be a good time to visit a local furniture shop or even IKEA!

Well. Seems like a week off is just not enough time for myself!

Thought I should share this: Top 10 DIY Projects for an Extra Day Off

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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