Wedding Vows

I attended my friend’s wedding solemnisation ceremony last night and it was quite dramatic. The venue was at the Banker’s Club in KL and it was an interesting enough venue. However, I would not recommend that place for a large wedding banquet as the hall is quite small and split into two levels.

Any hoo, my friend literally choked while reciting his marriage vows. It was quite dramatic. He was choking up with so much emotion that he had trouble saying all those words. He must have been really really happy about marrying his wife (or he must be really really regretting it!). So, it was a really hilarious thing for the rest of us watching. People literally started laughing when his wife had to console him. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?!

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding. During the banquet, I managed to catch up with some of my old friends. Turns out that everyone’s lives have been undergoing a lot of change. People have changed jobs, and some have even changed countries of residence. So, it was all very interesting to me, catching up with all my old friends. Better weddings than funerals.

Anyway, maybe I should start organising something at home and inviting people over. I wonder if we should do something like a poker-night or lan-party. I already have the necessary setup for a lan-party. In fact, I probably have enough servers to run a dedicated server for one of the more traditional games. I should really consider it I think.

Not sure if I have enough friends though! Gaming as a way of life!

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