Ergonomic Keys

I was given a premium ergonomic keyboard at work today. I’ve been fooling around with it and I like it a lot. I would need to make some slight adjustments to my typing but overall, I found it very useful. The only issue is with the few middle keys. Sometimes, I catch my hands trying to hit keys that belong to the other side but most of the time, it is alright. Good thing is that I am used to typing with all my ten fingers. These keyboards are not made for anything other than touch typists.

Talking about typing styles, I actually saw someone at work who typed with one finger – literally typing with the right-pointer only. This surprised me because this person was obviously someone who had been doing a lot of coding work and now I see her typing with one finger only. I cannot even begin to imagine doing coding with only one finger. It would be extremely slow for me. I do not think that this person would like to use the ergonomic keyboard that I have been given today.

Talking about work, I managed to complete the first tasks assigned to me last week. However, we are not letting our boss know about it first and we will continue to work on some extra stuff after this. The basic thing is already working and I will try to add some optional functions to it over the next couple of days. Since I am ahead of schedule, I will hopefully have some extra time to do some reading. I really need to be catching up on my technical reading after this.

Update: Damn, boss came around at the end of the day. Somehow, he knew that it was done. Lucky guess, or does he subscribe to my blog feed?

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