Justifying a PS3

Due to my rational personality, I tend to justify my purchases in a logical and rational way. Since the price of the PS3 will drop next week with the release of the PS3-slim, I found myself in the position to consider the purchase. I fully plan to use the PS3 as my HTPC and also as an entertainment platform. So, in order to test the cost of the PS3, I compared it against that of a standard PC configured in a similar fashion.

To do this, I picked out the recommended system requirements for Fallout 3, which is a nice game available for both the PS3 and PC. From that, I worked out the estimated cost of the machine to be:

CPU = 200
RAM = 100
GFX = 200
PSU = 250
MBD = 250
HDD = 150
KBM = 50
WFI = 100

The total comes up to about RM1,300 and that is perfectly within the range of a PS3. The present PS3 sells for RM1,600 and the new PS3 could possibly come in at around RM1,100 if we convert directly from the US price. Therefore, the purchase of a PS3 is perfectly justified from the point-of-view of a HTPC and gaming rig. Things are starting to make some sense. So, I will probably buy the new PS3 once the prices drop in Malaysia.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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