Learning to Fly

I had a hectic day today. I have been out since waking up this morning and only got back after mid-night. I met up with a friend of mine who flew from Switzerland down to sunny Malaysia for a vacation. Since he was here on vacation, I had to show him some things about Malaysia that he would not likely see without a tour-guide like me. We met up at KLCC after lunch but before that I caught up with some other friends of mine and some Achenese to share some knowledge and experience.

Since we met up at KLCC, I brought him to have some local desserts at the food-court while we had a chat to catch up. We last met in 2006. We ended up talking about a great many things including technical stuff and office politics (both his and mine). After that, I took him down to Kajang for some satay and ketupat. He’s never had it before so it was something interesting. Then, I brought him to Putrajaya to take some night photos and partake in prayers at the mosque. On the way back, I took him to TPM to see things. He said that he didn’t realise that such places existed in Malaysia. He had this impression that we were a ‘developing nation’ but the TPM reminded him of the Bay Area. Finally, we went to a mamak stall for supper and went home to rest.

In the course of these chats, he had some questions about Malaysia that I was happy to answer. He has been in Malaysia for more than a week and has actually been following the local news. He gets our leading English daily delivered at his hotel. He even knew about our PPSMI issue and related to me some of the experiences in Turkey with me. At one point, we also talked about the political aid who was found dead at the MACC building.

He said that, “before assisting investigations, one has to learn to fly”. I found that really funny and I thought that I should share it.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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