Death of MACC?

While the investigations are under-way with regards to the recent death of the political aide, I won’t bother to engage in speculations of whodunnit. However, what I would like to say is that regardless of what happened, the MACC faces some problems simply because the death occurred under their watch (so to speak). The repercussions of this event are going to send the wrong signal to the people.

You see, the MACC is supposed to investigate corruption. Often in these cases, an initial whistle blower is required to supply some intelligence or documents that kick start the investigations. Otherwise, the MACC would have a really tough time determining which monies are clean and which monies are not. However, I am not quite sure who would be willing to whistle blow when the MACC is unable to provide any guarantee of their safety and security.

It is one thing if the whistle blower is killed in a freak accident in some random area outside but it is quite another if people start dying under their watch. As an agency of the government that is supposed to protect the identities of whistle blowers and help keep them from harm, this incident is not very good marketing. If the MACC runs out of witnesses and whistle blowers, I am not so sure if it will be able to survive long in this business.

Might this be the incident that sounds the death knell of the MACC before it even has had enough time to grow and mature into a potent anti-corruption agency? Honestly, I don’t know. I am writing this entry at 4.30am as I am unable to fall asleep.

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Shawn Tan

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