If you’ve never heard of it before, there is a new kind of search engine in town. Its name is Wolfram|Alpha and it is brought to you by the guys who made Mathematica. It uses the Mathematica engine and some magical algorithms to answer your search queries. Now, none of this scares me the least but. But when computers acquire a sense of humour, I am not so amused.

Try some of these queries on the engine (you can just click on it).

Who cares about Microsoft Bing.

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

3 thoughts on “Wolfram|Alpha”

  1. I think its sense of humour is sweet. And fun.
    It seems that the computer geeks behind the program have finally found a way to communicate with the rest of the human race (even scientists in their labs, engineers who are in the middle of the ocean near an oil rig, etc etc).

  2. but i do have a query
    what, other than the entertainment value, is it for? Does it actually bring up useful information? because it doesn’t bring up anything to any of my non-nonsensical searches

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