Movie Marathon

Alright, it is not quite a marathon, but it has been a while since I spent so much time at a cinema. Today, I watched two films in two sittings – Terminator Salvation and Monsters versus Aliens. The two films are from completely different genres but they are both equally enjoyable, albeit in very different ways.

Terminator Salvation was an action fest – lots and lots of CGI generated action. They introduced a number of interesting robots in this film. One that kills humans under water, one that kills humans in the air, and one that kills humans on wheels, on top of the humanoid models that kill humans on foot. As you can probably tell, there is a lot of human killing in this film.

Monsters versus Aliens was a laugh fest – lots and lots of CGI generated comedy. I loved the fact that Hugh Laurie (Dr House) played a major role in this film, and I have always liked Reese Witherspoon’s voice. I expected more from Stephen Colbert though. He got to play the character that he spends so much time bashing on his show. Too bad he didn’t carry if off as well as I had hoped.

Both films are surprisingly rated U – for general viewing. So, there were plenty of kids in both films, less in Terminator. The kids were a problem for Monsters, as the one who sat behind me kept talking to his dad. Actually, the kid next to me in Terminator kept asking his dad what was happening. Maybe it’s not a good idea to bring kids to Terminator as the story line is probably a bit to complex for young minds to follow.

Anyway, the next summer block buster that I’m looking forward to is Transformers – Megan Fox positively sizzles!

Spoiler: I knew that John Connor wasn’t going to die at the end because Christian Bale had already been contracted for 3 Terminator films!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Marathon”

  1. You should try 3 movies in one day now! 11am, 3pm and 5pm. If you’re up to it, then go for dinner and then another at 9pm. =)

  2. I remember movie marathons in Aust. 3 movies in a row from 11pm till 6am the next morning in the cinema. After that you just wanna eat McD and sleep 🙂

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