Antara Malaikat dan Jin

malaikat dan jinWell, that’s what the translated title says – Between Angels and Demons. Anyway, I watched the film tonight. I decided on a whim to just go watch it at the cinema and I picked an obscure cinema near my place to watch it. I even managed to get good seats at a cheap price.

The film was quite predictable, from the very beginning. They gave the bad guy away within the first 20 minutes of the show. That was not very nice of them. They should have at least kept it a secret until the very end. There was seriously no need to give it away at the start. All they had to do was to make Robert Langdon look serious instead of astonished. That would have made things lot less obvious.

Regardless, the film was mostly enjoyable. There isn’t much thinking needed in the film as the plot moves from one location to another. You know from the very beginning that there will be four cardinals executed, one each hour. So, the film moves from one cardinal to the next. Thank goodness Dan Brown released this book after the Da Vinci Code. Otherwise, he may not have gotten quite as famous.

The thing that made the film less enjoyable for me was the guy sitting next to me. He kept making annoying guttural noises in his throat for quite a bit. However, I still managed to distance myself away from him for a large part of the show except when he decides to clear his throat and rip me away from the realm of illusion for a bit.

Personally, I agree that this is not nearly as good as Star Trek. Maybe I’ll go watch it again this weekend. I wonder if it will still hold its magic the second time around.

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5 thoughts on “Antara Malaikat dan Jin”

  1. reallyyyy….i actually like angels and demons better! even when i was reading the books =D

  2. I think the book was much better. I have a rule of not wanting to watch the movie if the book is good. Generally they will screw it up somehow

    Any i’m not too much of a Star Trek fan, Star War yes so not too excited about Star Trek

  3. hey, i don’t think you gonna recreate that magic with star trek the 1st time coz you wont have US!!! haha
    see, dats why i dont want to go watch angels n demons!

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