Screwing Procedures

If what is said in this letter is to be believed, the Silver Sandiwara is far from over. According to the letter, the way in which the BN kicked out the previous assembly speaker was not ‘by the book’ and that the present speaker was not even sworn in as a member of the assembly. If any of it is true, it means another major cock-up by the members of the coup.

I think that it is important to follow the Constitution and rules of the house when it comes to these matters. You see, the state government draws its powers and authority from these documents. If these documents are not to be respected, then neither is the state government. Therefore, it is important that everyone plays by the rules, lest the laws of the jungle prevail.

I think that the situation is now so frakked up that there is no easy way out. So, the state can look forward to being so thoroughly screwed up by the politicians up until the next General Election. I pity the people who have to make a living there.

As for the candle light vigils, I understand the need to keep the issue alive so that it simmers and blows up during the next GE. However, I think that the opposition should start looking at doing something else. The only effect that it seems to be having is to get more people arrested. That cannot be a good long-term strategy. Unless of course, it is their objective to get arrested!

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