Drag Speaker

drag speaker

Gajah sama gajah berlawan, Pelanduk mati di tengah.

At first, I had a lot of things to write about today. However, after seeing what has happened in Perak today, I’m quite sad that such a thing has happened. You see, while this picture does not tell the whole story, it certainly shows a lot.

Personally, I would have to agree with Tun Dr M that BN truly screwed up the take-over of Perak. They really should learn from how our government engineered the take-over of Sime Darby on the London Stock Exchange. When you want to do a take-over, it has to be planned in advance and executed flawlessly. Otherwise, you risk a lot of back lash from revealing your hand.

The matter between the two Menteri Besar is still being deliberated at the Federal Court. That situation is a little murky because the Sultan is involved and the constitution is not very clear on the matter. That is why it is being referred to the courts for a decision.

However, the situation with the Assembly Speaker was never in question. By law, he was the lawful speaker of the assembly. His appointment had nothing to do with ‘confidence’ nor does it have anything to do with the Sultan. This is where the BN botched up the job.

They should have shown a little patience and restraint. They should have waited till the sitting of the assembly before springing their trap. In one fell swoop, they could have voted out the speaker and tossed out the Menteri Besar unquestionably. Unfortunately, the acted prematurely.

As a result, neither party is satisfied. One side is trying desperately to bull-doze its way through while the other side is trying to be as stubborn as a rock. Obviously, something has got to give. I just hope that the rakyat does not end up dying in between.

There are reasons why procedures are in place. Even the triads and gangsters follow procedures. We can argue about the right or wrong of these procedures, but they still need to be followed. Let’s try to stick to the procedures, yar!

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One thought on “Drag Speaker”

  1. It’s interesting, they switched off the speaker’s mic so they can install a new speaker. So actually, the technician in charge of the audio system has the most power in the assembly not the Speaker, don’t play play. Just joking 😛

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