Shoe Rack 1.1

I have spent the last week or so optimising the Shoe Rack 1.0 into something that consumes even less power and generates less heat. Basically, I consolidated the two servers into one and the two wifi devices into one. At the moment, the setup is still far from ideal but it is certainly more so than before.

The router that I have is actually a wifi router. So, instead of using a different wifi device, I ended up using just one. The reason that I had used a 802.11b access point earlier was because of some old computers at home that only have 802.11b. However, those are hardly ever used. So, I’ll just put everything on an 802.11g network and use the single wifi router for it. Furthermore, the next DD-WRT release is supposed to support multiple SSID/encryptions on the same radio.

As for the servers, I got rid of the FreeNAS box and just plugged in the harddisk to the regular development server. I felt that it was unnecessary to have a standalone file server when it is idle 90% of the time and only serving one box, mine. So, I’ll just use the single server for now.

I decided against getting an Atom based system for a couple of reasons. My ShoeRack 1.1 is currently silent. There is nothing moving except for the harddisks, which move irregularly. Therefore, there is no noise at all, bliss. An Atom based system would require a regular ATX power supply, which has a fan in it. So, that would be noisier. Furthermore, my present computational needs do not call for an Atom, yet.

I do foresee a potential change in the future, when my file server has to serve multiple boxes. This is because, all data on the file server is encrypted. So, computational power is required to decrypt/encrypt the data as it flows from/to the harddisk. If too much data is required, the present VIA C3 systems would not be able to cope unless I use the Nehemiah one, which comes with hardware cryptographic acceleration.

All in all. I think that the Shoe Rack will still change in the future. That is why I have numbered the optimised Shoe Rack with a minor revision number. The next massive change would be the use of either a Atom or low-power AMD system instead, coupled with a more robust wifi implementation.

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Shawn Tan

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