The Last Supper

Last Supper

“I’m just tired of people. Human. Cylon. Whatever.” — Galen Tyrol

There is a lot to be said about the finale of Battlestar Galactica. If you google for it, you’ll find all kinds of debates on it as a series finale. Personally, I felt that there was probably enough material to stretch on for another half season, which is why everything felt a little rushed and convenient at the end.


It started off just like every other BSG episode – very well. We had the last battle of the Galactica, which was a ‘volunteer only’ suicide mission. It was good to see my favourite character come through at the end. The battle sequence is probably the best CGI you will ever see in a TV production for a long time to come. The series has always had its own distinct special effects.

Unfortunately, since I am a hardcore engineer and an atheist, I found the final ending a little too ‘preachy’ with regards to religion and technology. I would have preferred either a really dark ending, or one that left things unanswered. A dark ending would have fitted perfectly with the rest of the dark series.


That being said, I still found the series finale a good wrap up to the series, emotionally. I cried when Sam did his final duty. Then, I cried so hard when Lee bid his final farewell to his father. Then, I cried again when Laura’s life ended. Then, I cried again when they panned over her gazelle grave with Adama sitting next to it, going into the sunset. It was also good to see true love finally develop between Baltar and Caprica 6.

Overall, it was a fitting end to the series.

“See you on the other side” — Samuel Anders

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