1080p TV

LCD TVWell, at least that’s what it says on the label – Full HD 1080p. The price of these screens are coming down. In fact, they may be cheaper than some 720p screens.

While there are many old 32″ 720p screens selling for under RM2k, newer ones are selling for more than RM2k. I saw a 32LG53FR screen, which is a 32″ 1080p screen selling form under RM2k today with a 5 year warranty, at Best (a local tail chain for electrical appliances). This is the cheapest Full-HD display in the market.

The difference between a 720p and 1080p screen is in the screen resolution. The 720p screens have 1366×768 (1MPixels) while the 1080p screens have 1920×1080 (2MPixels). While resolution is not the primary measure of image quality, it is an important factor.

Most Internet sites seem to suggest that there is no discernible difference in image quality between a 720p and 1080p screen at 32″. I have been struggling to find a side-by-side comparison as most local stores don’t keep them side by side.

However, while I was out shopping the other day, I managed to come across a 32″ Samsung 4 series (720p) and 5 series (1080p) side-by-side. I can say for certain that there is a difference in image quality.

1080pIn most cases, there is absolutely no difference except for on-screen text. The store was showing a bunch of movie trailers on them. These Hollywood trailers all start with the screen on the left (except in green). And it was during this time that I spotted the difference.

The word “PREVIEW” was smooth on the 1080p screen but displayed jagged edges on the 720p screen. However, that was the only perceptible difference in image quality. The rest of the trailer looked exactly the same on both screens.

This probably means that for movies and films, the screens are similar in quality but not for text. So, if one intends to use the TV for watching movies, a 720p display is more than enough for a 32″ screen. However, if one intends to use it as a living room computer screen, a 1080p display is much more suitable. Plus, a 1080p screen will future proof itself as an investment.

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