While browing around for component parts for my NAS server, I came across a HTPC computer. This ‘mini-PC’ is aiming straight for my heart. It is the ASUS PX24 and it is so obviously made to be a living room PC. It was recently released in June 2008 and it sports some pretty impressive specs.

Firstly, the video graphics that it uses is the ATI HD3450, which is a R600 based graphics chip. This is capable of DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.0 graphics acceleration. It comes with HDMI and DVI/VGA outputs.

Secondly, the processor. It comes with an Intel Celeron 220, which only runs at 1.2GHz. However, it’s main saving grace is that it has a TDP of only 19W. So, while the processor is not super fast, it is definitely enough to playback video content. Coupled with the graphics acceleration, it should be able to handle HD content.

Thirdly, the audio chip is the Realtek ALC888, which has full surround sound processing capabilities. It has both a S/PDIF optical output to interface with A/V equipment and regular analogue connections. As a bonus, it actually has speakers built into the front of the unit.

As an added touch, it includes a ‘slot loaded’ DVD drive, remote control and ‘touch sensitive’ buttons. The networking capabilities include a Gigabit network port and B/G wireless networking. Furthermore, it only weighs 1.5kg!

This is a serious contender for a sexy and quiet HTPC machine. It is available at Low Yat Plaza for only RM1500 (£290).

PS: Supposedly, it is made to only emit 26dB of noise, which is clearly under the quiet definition of 30dB. Sweet!

Edit: This guy has a detailed review of the PX24 plus lots of nice pictures including the remote control and hardware details.

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