KLCC Kinokuniya

I had reason to be in KLCC today. Since I’ve not been there in almost 5 years, I decided to just have a look around. Surprisingly little has changed in Suria KLCC though. Almost every store that was once there, is still there and additions have been few.

I took the opportunity to visit the concept stores from Sony and LG. The 70″ LCD-TVs are certainly eye-catching. I would love to have one of those things in my living room. However, the price tag starts at RM70,000 (£13,000) and is a tad prohibitive for me. However, I’ve noticed that their 32″ LCD panel prices are pretty slick. The ones with 1080p resolution are priced modestly at around RM2,300 (£430). Not too shabby, I think.

After lunch, I visited Kinokuniya to browse through their books. Their prices are surprisingly cheaper than that of Borders or MPH. They’ve also got a much better selection of scifi books than the other two. I was also incredibly impressed by their customer service.

I approached the information counter to ask about a book: “Anathem” and the service personnel asked me: “Neal Stephenson?”. I’m surprised that she even knew which book I was talking about and the author. She told me that it was out of stock but she took down my phone number and said that they will contact me when they get the stock. Sweet! Their quoted price of RM70 was also cheaper than the prices elsewhere.

In the end, I ended up buying a book by Ian Banks. I’ve read a few of his non-scifi books and have been quite impressed. Since he is actually famous as a scifi writer, I thought that I’d give one of his books a try. If I like it, I would have another author for me to read on top of Gibson, Reynolds and Stephenson.

Plus, I ran into a former uni-mate while having lunch. How random is that?

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