Silver Sandiwara

I don’t think that anyone really knows what is happening in Perak. Personally, I don’t even want to know. I just hope that the Sultan/Regent will make the right decision and leave such decisions to the people. Although I have been down for the last few days, I have been following events as best I could.

However, I would like to quote our opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim:

BN is trying to form the state government by hook or by crook – more by crook.

He says the funniest things sometimes. I assume that he is saying this in respect to the froggie state reps who have jumped ship to the BN. Funny thing is that he croons a totally different tune when someone decides to defect over from BN to the PR side. I guess that it is just another day at the office for these politicians. Just remind me never to turn into one.

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