LCD-TV Madness

Well, I found an unsolicited print advert in my post box today (otherwise known as spam), and it was from a local electrical appliance chain store. Right on the front page was a promotion for a “Super Branded LCD TV” for only RM1499 (£290)! Although it does not reveal the brand, it says there that it has “smart networking with VIERA link”, which was a dead giveaway.

Looking at the local Panasonic website, this “Super Branded LCD TV” is the Panasonic VIERA TX-32LE8MK, the lowest end LCD-TV that they carry in Malaysia. It is likely that this particular model is being EOL-ed and Panasonic is trying to get rid of them. Still, RM1499 is a very decent price for a brand name product. It has all the necessary bells and whistles one would expect from a 32″ LCD-TV.

As for the wireless keyboard that I had mentioned the other day, the LuxMate 810 Media Cruiser, it seems that this particular model has already been tested and certified to work out of the box (without any driver installation) on a Ubuntu system. So, it should work perfectly well with MythBuntu as a full fledged keyboard and mouse combo for only RM99.

As for the actual HTPC system, instead of buying the Compaq mini-Q NetTop, I might just assemble one myself. I’ve found a local retailer for a mini-itx chasis which looks okay, as a HTPC chasis for only RM200. Bundle that with a D945GCLF2 (RM290), 1Gb RAM (RM50) and 4Gb Flash (RM30), we’ve got a working HTPC system. I could add a USB Wifi for about RM50.

The final price tag would only be about RM2200! Not too shabby, really.

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Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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