The Final Revelation

Oh my frakkin’ gods! The final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are finally here and they are starting tonight. I am so psyched up by this and I cannot wait to find out who the final Cylon is. I have some suspicions and I am also in denial. A friend and I did a quick run down on who was left and why they could or could not possibly be the final Cylon. Let’s start from the left of the photograph of the main cast (the ones whom are non-Cylons already).

  1. President Roslin (extreme left)
    It is very unlikely that she’s The One as she was dying from cancer earlier and had to be saved by a treatment of Cylon blood. If she was already a Cylon, she wouldn’t have needed the Cylon blood transfusion. Therefore, it is unlikely that she’s The One unless the script writers can explain that discrepancy away.
  2. Lee Adama (fourth from left)
    He is a dark horse in this race. There are no indicators that he is a Cylon and the script writers could just spring a surprise. However, they would have to explain his entire life away and show how a baby Cylon was sneaked into the Adama’s family in the past. This could tie in nicely with the launch of a new series “Caprica”, which revolves around the Adama family 50 years ago. So, I think that this would be a very likely commercial probability.
  3. Kara Thrace(sixth from right)
    She is a possibility as there is the case of her “coming back from the dead” under mysterious circumstances. The script writers have yet to satisfactorily explain the situation away. Furthermore, she’s had Cylonic visions and can hear ‘the song’ too. However, she hates Cylons too much and would be devastated to be one. Furthermore, I love her and I would be devastated if she was a Cylon. Therefore, she cannot be one! (I’m in denial)
  4. Karl Agathon(second from right)
    While he is not a confirmed Cylon, he is unlikely to be one. He was chosen to father a half human-Cylon baby precisely because Cylons cannot reproduce (they only replicate). So, if he turns out to be a Cylon, the script writers would have a hard time explaining two whole seasons away on his relationship with Sharon. But then again, Saul Tigh supposedly impregnated a #6 (though we’ve not seen the baby yet).
  5. Bill Adama(extreme right)
    “If I’m a Cylon then you’re all screwed” – Bill. Bill is the leading contender for the final Cylon. However, he is too obvious a choice. I believe that most fans would be let down if he was the best that the script writers could come up with. Therefore, I do not believe that he is The One (even with the obvious scene of him being spaced in the trailer below).

Anyway, everything is pure conjecture at the moment. We will find out soon enough as there are only 10 episodes left to go. From the trailer below, things look extremely exciting and I am looking forward to watching them at some point (and so is my mom).

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