Hyundai Accent FC

Hyundai Accent FCAs I mentioned earlier, I have been keeping tabs on the fuel consumption of my not so new car and I am happy to announce that there are some preliminary results. The chart on the right shows the average fuel consumption of my car under different conditions (the higher the bar, the better). Basically, the figure is about 10-ish km/L for normal city driving and about 14-ish km/L for long distance travel.

Although the fuel consumption figures are nothing to shout about, it is good enough for me. The figure only becomes quite bad in a traffic jam (the first bar). However, since I rarely go into the city anyway, this is quite unlikely to happen. So, normal driving would be about 10km/L. Please remember that these are empirical results of my personal driving style. So, your mileage may vary tremendously.

Overall, I am quite happy with things.

My measurement methodology is simple. Each time I pumped petrol, I filled up my tank. So, I can easily find out how much fuel has been used by converting the amount I paid for the fuel with the fuel price. Then, I note down the odometer readings and use that to calculate the km/L values. I tried to isolate the type of usage by filling up my tank before I go on long distance travels and immediately after I return.

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One thought on “Hyundai Accent FC”

  1. wah you’re such a typical engineer!!! hahaha…but very efficient, i must say. i shall learn from you. =D

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