New Year's Fireworks

sad sad new year
I found our New Year’s celebration and fireworks display at Merdeka Square a little sad. Thankfully I was not there in person as I could watch the other celebrations on TV. When the stroke of midnight struck in Malaysia and the fireworks went off, I was taken aback by the odd camera angle of the live broadcast of Ambang 2009.

The cameraman was actually standing in Merdeka Square and viewing the fireworks from there. At the very least, he should have gone up to the roof top of Dayabumi or even up Bukit Aman for a better shot. That angle is just horrible when trying to show viewers the fireworks display. Therefore, I switched away after a while.

I switched over to TVB8 to watch the Hong Kong fireworks display instead. Now, that is a much better fireworks display and the cameraman had the brains to actually stick the camera a distance away in order to capture the fireworks coming off the rooftops of all the sky scrapers. I had also seen the Sydney one an hour earlier on the OZ news channel. This is when I realised that there is about a 5 minute broadcast delay for some of these stations.

Anyway, from the press reports today, it seems that there was quite a carnival celebration at 1U last night. There were lots of local stars performing at 1U last night including Suki. The younger stars seem to have been invited to all the hip and happening parties, leaving the old ones to perform at Merdeka Square. I had originally thought of going to 1U with my camera but decided against it as I did not want to spend several hours looking for a vacant car park.

This reminds me that I need to go out one of these evenings, to get a few good photos of KL City at night.

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