Green Karaoke

I went to MidValley today to pick up my new pair of spectacles. Yes, I have a new pair of spectacles now. When I first picked them up, I noticed that there was a small gap between the frame and lens of the left eye. So, I had them fix it, which they supposedly did by tightening the screws on the side. It looks a little different from my previous pair. Hopefully, I’ll look less of a geek with my new pair of spectacles.

This was also the last weekend before Christmas. So, Christmas celebrations were in full swing at MidValley. I was treated to a group of carol singers singing Christmas carols at the centre of The Gardens. Then, many of the staff members of various shops were also dressed in slightly Christmas-y attire. However, the funniest thing to watch was probably people rushing about trying to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

As for me, I don’t really want anything for Christmas. I’ve already bought everything that I need for a while. So, there isn’t much else that I really want for this Christmas.

Yesterday, I went for a Karaoke with the rest of my family and sang till my voice went hoarse. Actually, I would’ve continued singing right up until they chased us off, if not for the fact that my niece pulled the plug on the whole thing. Towards the end, she kept telling people to “Go back!” but nobody seemed to want to budge. Everyone enjoyed singing so much that we did not notice her walking towards the back of the room. Then, she flicked the main switch off. That was pretty smart for a 2 year old little girl.

The Karaoke that we went to was Green Box karaoke. It is owned by Red Box but is targeted at a different market. It comes with a dinner buffet, which is very tasty for a place that is not focused on food. It is also pork-free and smoke-free. So basically, it is just like any other karaoke place, minus the sleaze. So, it is somewhere suitable to bring little kids and old folk to (incidentally, kids are free and senior citizens are half-price).

I belted out so many songs till my throat was sore. Thankfully, there was a free flow of drinks – it’s a dinner buffet! However, I did not engorge myself with the food as I spent most of my time singing, rather than eating. Maybe I should have actually spent more time eating the food instead but I was rather tired after driving for 500km yesterday (day trip to Johor). So, my car is also now due for its first service.

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