Life Goals

Why is everything so purple?

I’ve come to think that I lack a major life goal. You know, some sort of grand overarching plan (I’m not greedy enough to make wealth accumulation a goal). I feel like I need some sort of grand design that I can spend the rest of my life building and perfecting. The reason that I’ve been thinking like this is because I think that I need to further develop my existing skills, learn new skills and use them all (otherwise, they tend to atrophy).

Having some grand machine to build, would also give me something to focus on. Thus far, I have been cutting my chops on many little projects. It’s probably about time that I work on something a little bigger, that would benefit more than one (me) person in this world. I have devoted almost 20 years of my life to developing computer software and hardware skills. It’s about time that I did something useful with it.

A friend of mine has very ambitious plans, of the “change the world” variety. Personally, I’m a little more practical. I have a finite amount of resources and I’ll be happy to help on a much smaller scale. However, this would mean that I’ll need to identify an appropriately sized problem to tackle, which is proving to be a problem. So, the strategy that I’m taking, is to let the problem come to me.

Hopefully, the things that come to me will be useful.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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