Of Scrubbing Toilets

I just read an interesting blog entry, which I felt that I had to comment on simply because some parts of it caught my eye:

…in the early stages a CEO needs to keep the fridge stocked and the bathroom clean. They create a cool office environment. They are the Janitor, Caterer, Secretary, Executive Assistant, and more. A startup CEO handles PR, HR, product management, recruiting, marketing, investor relations, accounting, and anything else that needs to be done to keep the gears of a startup moving smoothly.

I can testify to the fact that the above statement is 100% entirely true, in my case. Let me list down some of the things that I do for to make the office conducive for my staff to work in.

  • Scrub the toilet and bathroom.
  • Stock the pantry with 3-in-1, snacks etc.
  • Buy air freshener for the lobby and toilet.
  • Vacuum the carpets, wash the glass door.
  • Take out the trash bags.
  • Write the official letters.
  • Run the random errands.
  • Find and hire the best people.
  • Take care of the ledgers and books.
  • Go around giving talks to raise awareness.
  • Signing agreements with partners.
  • Find revenue sources.
  • Sign the cheques.

And on top of that, I do the CTO stuff too:

Technical Co-Founders are building the product. We’re pulling late nights so that demos run smoothly the next day. We’re building what will be bought and sold. Investors are attracted to our efforts. Customers find value in what we build. We are the VP Engineering, Project Manager, Product Manager, QA Engineer, DevOps, UX Designer, UI Designer, DB Engineer, Recruiter, etc. We’re responsible for performance, security, stability, front-end, back-end, training, technology roadmaps, patent filings, and more.

  • Draw up the technology roadmap.
  • Design hardware and software.
  • Manage all the engineering projects.
  • Stress test the products built.
  • Optimise the designs.
  • Interview potential hires.
  • Setup the various software systems.
  • Administer the technology infrastructure.
  • Set up physical and data security.
  • Train partners and staff.
  • File for IP protection.
  • Work late nights.

And much more.

I do the CFO stuff too – planning budgets, keeping tabs on the finances, assets, etc. Heck, I do the COO stuff too – ensure that people come to work, the tools needed are available, do the payroll, etc.

Shite. How do I cope?

I try not to.

PhD Movie!

This is a movie that every grad student to-be needs to watch. The trailer itself brings back so many oh so familiar memories. I personally think that grad school was a truly enriching experience for me. It has changed me in so many subtle ways.

Kedai Rosak 1 Malaysia

How can they be let off scot free?I had just read an article in TheSun while having breakfast this morning on how the companies involved in the Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia (KR1M) scandal are getting off scot free. I almost spit out my Milo panas kurang manis as I was reading the article.

As quoted by the article,

…the decision not to charge KR1M has riled the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca), whose president Datuk Marimuthu Nadason berated the ministry for its lack of action. “Shame on the Health Ministry for not taking firm action. The law is the law. There can be no double-standards (in this matter). Our food regulations are some of the best in Asia but if they look good only on paper, without implementation, you might as well disregard them,” he said.

The issue is not just that of a simple mislabelling – at the very least it is a gross misrepresentation and possibly even bordering on fraud with very real consequences.

How about the E-coli? I don’t see how the Ministry of Health can sit quiet on this matter. It’s the lives of our children that are in danger.

…the Health Ministry ordered 13 KR1M branded products – fresh milk, sweetened condensed creamer, condensed milk, oyster-flavoured sauce, fruit jam, canned chicken curry, mango cordial, ghee compounds, peanuts, peanut butter and sardines – removed from the shelves for relabelling. It also confirmed that the KR1M fresh milk tested positive for E. coli bacteria contamination, a strain of bacteria which cause food poisoning.


My biggest bug with this issue is that the 1Malaysia brand is being brought to disrepute by dishonest businessmen. Things are made worse by the fact that these stores are subsidised by the tax-payer. I would have thought that the government would have found someone more ethical and responsible to run their flagship stores.

November, Life?

My calendar for October is pretty much full. I’ve got like a couple of days where there’s nothing yet penciled in. I’ve even got to move some people around.

There are so many things that I’d like to do with my life. There are so many things that I need to do with my life. There is not enough time to do it.

I just wished that there was 25 hours in a day.

Revolting Policies?

Honestly, I just read this article in TheStar today and I was taken aback. It shocked me that one could now be arrested for influencing others to revolt against government policies!

Malaysiakini cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, better known as Zunar, was arrested Friday under the Sedition Act for publishing books considered ‘detrimental to public order’ and that could ‘influence the people to revolt against government policies’.

What shocked me was the fact that we could ‘revolt’ against a policy. How is that even possible? I can understand it if he incited people to revolt against the government, which was perfectly plausible. Numerous revolutions against governments have happened in the past in many countries. However, I am stunned that we can actually revolt against a policy! This is something new that I learned today.

I think that I am kind of interested in the whole idea of revolting against revolting policies. Do two negatives make a positive?

What I am less clear on is what law does this whole ‘revolting against policy’ fall under. I am not a lawyer but I doubt that it would be covered under the Sedition Act. Weird, but stranger things have happened in Boleh-lund.

Can someone spell last throes?