C++ Lab Problems

I spent the afternoon trying out the C++ Lab experiments today. I’ve finished 6 of the exercises and I’ve managed to catch a few potential problems:

  1. Emacs is configured with Syntax Highlighting disabled. I had to enable it each time I started Emacs. I don’t use any custom emacs startup scripts. So, this is a global problem.
  2. The XCC tool used as a compile/debug environment has a mouse-over focus. So, the cursor needs to be on the stdin/stdout area in order for the programme to receive user input. This is not stated in the handout.
  3. The instruction for accessing the Animation is inaccurate. It requires a little navigating before the actual link is found. This might confuse some students.
  4. The XCC environment hung a few times, while running the programme halfway (at random points). There may be a stability issue with the XCC.

[email protected]: I finished up to exercise 8 and found a major problem.

  1. Missing GLUE library.

I’ve notified TL about it and he has taken action to fix the problems.

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